5 things in parent’s behaviour that effect kids!

It is very disheartening to see parents doing things that they don’t want their kids to follow. But how is it possible? Usually, dads are real heroes for little boys and mums are ideal for little girls. They follow what you do, say or eat. Therefore, it is important for parents to act like a pie-in-the-sky. Their minds are very sensitive, they get easily confused between what is taught to them and what they actually see.


Parents always teach their kids that it is very bad to lie about anything. They also tell the stories, about how the characters in the story were punished for lying, to support the theory. Sometimes parents have to lie in certain situation, it is okay to do it but just make sure that your kids are not there. Excuse yourself from there for few minutes because kids don’t understand the difference between beneficial or deceptive lie.




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