How Much Would You pay for these Funky Watches? WOW!

With the emergence of smart phones, the watch and clock era seems to be fading away. The time of clocks look obsolete.

These smart watches look like paying homage to their old grand master clock makers. Also they manage to keep our love for clocks alive in one way or the other.



Now, let’s discuss the following designs which look beautiful when they are wrapped as a tiny disk to your wrist. The other round table designs which are seen surrounded by knights, whirling planets, beautiful birds and poetic fairy-tales also appeal one and all. These days, many of the watchmakers have crossed the limit of manufacturing a watch showing a 24-hour clock. In fact, they are now busy making a product which shows weeks, months, and the time in cities from across the world so that the time of the global world can be monitored. These watches also come equipped with devices showing the moon’s phases as well as the movement of celestial bodies. Here comes a few of the interesting watches:


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