She bleeds from her eyes and no one has any idea what to do!!!

Even in the 21st century, miracles do happen! When we try to link these miracles to the scientific theories and when we find no answers, we become confused. But yes, there ave ben cases which have been leaving the scientists as well as the researchers confused. The recent case of a 17-year-old girl Marnie Rae Harvey bleeding from her eyes and ears has left the entire scientist community and the doctors surprised.

girl bleeds from eyes and ears-Netmarkers


Medical experts dumbfounded

Marnie is a resident in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Although she looks like any young teenager, however, tragically she suffers from one of the weirdest and baffling conditions. Her eyes bleed. At times, her ears start bleeding too!This makes her life tragic and situation painful.Even the Medical experts and doctors are speechless when it comes to problems associated with Marine. Since last many years, her eyes look gruesome, mysterious and uncanny because of her bleeding problem.This girl is unable to lead a normal life and hence there comes no solution to her problem.

she cant see when it bleeds-Netmarkers


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