Chemistry was developing between Jennie and Martin…. Is this is the reason of Jennie’s suicide?- Part-4

Trending viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Jennie’s life was not like this before, but today she’s no more

Martin was too some extent attracted towards Jennie. But was it a love at first sight?? Come on! Love and Martin– Two sides of a river and even Alice was aware of that. Still she wanted to be with Martin since she always preferred being center of the attraction. She loved riding on the bike with every boy and girl looking at them. But now things were changing. Martin looked back and asked about the new hot girl, Jennie.Something was going on.. Was this the start of Chemistry between Jennie and Martin? And was Jennie too attracted towards Martin?

Alice started telling what happened in the last few days and officer Stephen and other members present in the room were listening carefully. Jennie and Martin were good with each other and things were fine but something wrong went in the weekend party and after that Jennie was not so happy. What happened in the party? Asked officer! I don’t know but Jennie was not the real Jennie. She was avoiding Martin and Martin too was unable to look straight into the eyes of Jennie. Where was the party and what was the occasion? Were they alone there? By that time, body of Jennie was being carried away. Suddenly Alice ran and shouted.. take care her hands are hanging.. she will get hurt! And then she cried like anything. Jennie’s mother consoled her, but she was the one who needed more support at that time.

Alice and Martin in Jennies suicide was a murder- Netmarkers



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