There was a twist in Jennie’s suicide? What was it? – Part-5

Previous part of Trending and Viral story of Jennie, New York: Chemistry was developing between Jennie and Martin…. Is this is the reason of Jennie’s suicide?

Alice was ready to speak and everyone was listening to her. Whole New York was keen to know what happened between Jennie and Martin that night. Why things got so complicated that Jennie had to take that step and why Alice was claiming Jennie’s suicide a murder? Alice started, we all reached party at 8 and we could see Martin’s eyes staring at the door and no wonder he was waiting desperately for Jennie. As soon as we arrived, Martin immediately stood up and give a tight kiss to Jennie. She too enjoyed the kiss and the two forgot everyone in the room for a few minutes. It was me to ask them to control. Well that was all normal and we all have seen that earlier too. Martin then invited both of us to join in the drinks and we had few shots over there. While we both were enjoying drinks, someone was there standing behind Jennie with his hand on her shoulder.

Martin kissed Jennie- Netmarkers


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