Kevin is caught and what he revealed is hard to believe! Part-34

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Stranger called Alice all alone! Is he the culprit? Is he against the death of Jennie? Part-33

Kevin was talking to Alice and suddenly the cops arrived. He was shocked to see them and same was the reaction of Alice. You called cops? How can you do like this? Kevin was shouting in anger and was really unhappy with the things happening. Now it was the turn of Alice to speak. She just said, I don’t know about the cops. Believe me, I am not after all this.

Cops took Alice as well and things are about to move ahead. Now, it is believed a new twist will happen. At Jennie’s home search was going on, but so far nothing suspicious was found. But one thing was pointing everyone. Jennie’s phone was blank. All the messages were deleted but why? What was there in the messages? Why they got deleted? It is believed when someone is attempting suicide, he/she is not in that state to plan things like removing the messages. It was a small clue but it was revealing a lot!

Kevin was arrested and now mystery was about to be uncovered- Netmarkers


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