Things immediately changed between Jennie and Martin, even Alice was affected!- Part-6

Jennie’s viral story New York so for: There was a twist in Jennie’s suicide! What was it? Part 5 

Martin was curious to know where exactly was Jennie and same was the case with me. I was also feeling awkward as this was not expected for me also. I can see the expressions of Martin getting changed every minute and it was justifiable. Out of frustration he said come let’s have a drink. I too was feeling awkward because of the kiss, and so said sure to get out of the situation. We both started taking drinks and first 5 shots were without a word. I was feeling the temperature getting high and was wishing Jennie to be back. But it was late. it was 12’O clock and we had to leave the party. Meanwhile Martin was totally drunk and was even finding it hard to stand on his feet. Anyhow I managed to take him to the car and then we went to him house.
Martin was drunk-Viral story New York of Jessie's suicide.



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