Things immediately changed between Jennie and Martin, even Alice was affected!- Part-6

Finally, we were there at Martin’s place and now next big assignment was to take him to his home. Well, anyhow I managed it. I took him to his bed room and managed to let him sleep on his bed. I was unable to decide if I should change his clothes and make him feel relaxed or not. And finally I decided to change his clothes. It was difficult for me both physically and emotionally, but I did that! I was tired and wanted to sleep but it was not my home. I was required to drive 20 kilometers to reach my place, so decided to rest some time. I sat on the bed staring Martin and found him on my lap after sometime. He was sleeping nicely and I was not happy to take him away from me. My hands were on his head and I managed to decide to sleep there only. I was too tired and was feeling really comfortable with Martin at that moment of time. I was really not thinking about Jennie and Kevin that time, but thee question was there! Where did they go? Why didn’t they informed us before going?

Next part of Jennie’s viral story, New York: Things immediately changed between Jennie and Martin! Even Alice was affected-Part-6

Martin was sleeping and Alice sitting- Jennie's viral news New York-Netmarkers



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