Warning of a mega earthquake capable of killing over 40 million people and splitting two continents is given by the scientist

In the recent past years, numerous natural calamities took place including earthquakes. Our generation has experienced earthquakes, tsunami, floods and cyclones in last couple of years. A huge loss was faced by the victims due to these natural calamities. When everyone is trying to overcome from the losses given by these calamities, a scientist,

Dr. Mehran Keshe is a nuclear scientist, born in Iran. He studied nuclear engineering from the University of London. Dr. Keshe runs a foundation in Netherlands. Complete base of this Keshe foundation is in Belgium and it is a non-profit organization that is named after him.

He announced news in the month of September through a video that, there will be a mega earthquake this year. He stated that this earthquake will take place soon till the next autumn.

Dr. Mehran Keshe


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