Life was going far away from Jennie.. Was she able to stop? Part-16

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Finally, she started speaking! You are right, I would have said all this on that day but Kevin, it was Kevin who asked me to conceal the fact. I tried to get in touch with you a number of times, but Kevin was always there with you. And the reason why I am here today is just because of the fact that he is finally leaving you. What??? leaving me.. what do you mean by this? Please tell me, I am not understanding! Where is he going?

Yes, Jennie, Kevin is leaving this country today. Yesterday he came to me and asked to contact you and say that I am pregnant. He wanted to show you that he is actually a cheat, so that you can throw him away from your life. He was planning this from a long time but was just looking for the right time to come. Kevin was insisting me for this, but seeing your true love and faith on Kevin that day, I thought its better to tell you everything.

I was finding it hard to stand on my feet and I managed to sat on the bed. What is happening! Why this is happening to me! Kevin is suffering from cancer and I thought he is cheating on me! How could I do this to him? I was feeling ashamed of my acts but wanted to hug Kevin tightly and say- I love you Kevin, no matter what, I will always be there, supporting you, loving you till my last breath.

Jennie was sitting on a bed with pain in her heart- Viral story New York-Netmarkers



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