Life was going far away from Jennie.. Was she able to stop? Part-16

Where is Kevin now! I need to talk to him and where is he going today, asked Jennie! I don’t know but he is leaving this country for ever. I saw him packing up the things and that’s why I just came to tell you everything. Please go Jennie and stop him before it’s too late. While she was talking, I took out my mobile to call Kevin. Phone was ringing and my heart was beating faster.. Pick up.. pick up.. and the phone was disconnected. He disconnected my phone?? Why? Let me try again..

Please stop all this and run to stop him before he leaves for airport. These words echoed like anything and I just ran to take out my car. Are you coming with me? I simply asked and she refused saying I failed to keep my words, so I can’t face him. You go but be faster.Good luck Jennie! Yes, this is what I was requiring at that time a lot! I need to stop Kevin.

I drove to airport straightway and I was continuously trying to call him again and again but now his phone was off. Please God, please God don’t do this to me. Don’t let him go! I was just murmuring this and wanted to see Kevin..

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Jennie was driving car like anything- viral story of Jennie-Netmarkers



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