Kevin wanted to get away from Jennie… how it’s possible and why? Jennie has no answers! Part-15

Trending, viral news story of Jennie’s suicide or murder, New York so far: For Jennie it was a test of her love.. was she able to clear it?- Part-14

As she came closer to me, my heart beats were increasing like anything! I tried to be normal but couldn’t stop myself saying these words.. what do you want from me now!! Get lost. She was not acting weird, as if she was well aware of the reaction. She simply said, Jennie, I just want to say something! Please give me 5 minutes and I will go after saying what I want to say. I was burning with anger, and just wanted to get away from there, but I stayed and asked her to speak.

She said, that day what you saw was all wrong! There’s nothing between Kevin and me. I wanted to say that time only but you were so angry that I thought I would be useless. Okay.. and you want me to believe this..I questioned with a surprise. Also I was stunned to see her confidence that how she is managing to say all this in front of me. But she finally said, what all happened that day was all planned. It was all planned by Kevin. I was listening… by that time rain started and I was looking outside watching each rain drop falling and getting disappeared on the ground. I was crying from inside and outside and was praying.. everything should be fine.

Jennie was in a state of shock-Viral story of Jennie, New York- Netmarkers


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