Things immediately changed between Jennie and Martin, even Alice was affected!- Part-6

While we were driving, a number of thoughts were puzzling me and I was unable to know how to react to them. Martin was constantly whispering something and I was unable to hear it since I was busy in my own thoughts. Suddenly, something shocked me! Yes, I was shocked hearing the words. I love you Alice! What?? What did you say?? I wanted to confirm what just Martin said but then he was totally unconscious. I started dreaming.. Dreaming him with me on bed.I tried to wake him up but it was in vain. Why he said this? May be because he was drunk! But, people say a man never says a lie when he is drunk! What was it?? It was all confusing! I was just wishing to reach Martin’s home and find out where Jennie was.

Feelings were changing- Jennie's viral story- Netmarkers



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