Jennie’s death is still a puzzle and only she had the missing piece of Puzzle. But where is Martin?Part-22

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Jennie is leaving all with a lot many questions.. who is responsible for her death?Part-21

Officer Stephen was about to call Martin, but something strange happened then. Where’s my son? Where is Martin? This sound attracted attention of everyone. Martin’s mother was standing there and she was sounding puzzled. Alice, shouted on her you are telling a lie. You know where exactly is Martin! You know very well that Martin is a murderer. He killed Jennie!

Hearing this Martin’s mother shouted like anything. Are you crazy! Do you know what you are saying! Martin is not there in the home and his phone is switched off. I am also concerned. Neither his phone is reachable, nor he informed where is he going. I just know that he was in trouble and now it’s almost 24 hours and I don’t know where exactly he is.

Jennie's death is a mystery- Netmarkers


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