Jennie’s death is still a puzzle and only she had the missing piece of Puzzle. But where is Martin?Part-22

This all was sounding weird and no one was knowing how to react! Until now, everyone was convinced that Martin has some role to play in  the death of Jennie, but now things are different. Office Stephen then concluded, please come with me to police station, I have few things to ask and proceed accordingly. People meanwhile have started moving out of the house.

This is again a new twist and now no one was able to find out what exactly is happening? Why Alice was pointing on Martin for the death of Jennie though the suicide note was there, stating she ended her life by her own. Moreover, now what about Martin? Is he absconding or something wrong happened to him also? For the first things show that Martin is anyhow related to the case and that is the reason why he is away from the scene. He must have knowingly switched off his phone and now the police has a task to start a search drive.

The news of Jennie’s suicide is now trending as whole New York is talking about this news only. Her suicide has now become a mystery and eyes are even on the postmortem report. Things are changing and changing at a very great speed..

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Jennie's death mystery is moving ahead


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