Jennie’s story is among the most mysterious viral stories! Reasons are revealing now! Part-49

Trending and viral News Story in New York so far: Jennie’s story seems to be the story of biggest conspiracy and murder of faith! Part-48

Kevin’s interrogation revealed a lot about this most viral case of New York. So, far all the things are pointing towards Kevin and Alice for the death of Jennie. But is this the real end of this viral story? Guess not, and that’s the reason why it’s among the most viral stories. Kevin told all about the conspiracy, hatred Alice had with Jennie, but one thing is still missing- the motive! Yes, what’s the motive of Kevin to kill Jennie? Why would be kill her, when he loves her? Then is this Alice who did the murder? If yes, then why did she claimed Jennie’s suicide to be a murder? She would have left case as it is as then perhaps everyone would have accepted Jennie’s death to be a suicide! Moreover, she claimed to love Martin and did everything for that only! Then why did she put Martin in trouble? All this seems to be really complicated and though the case was looking to be solved, but it was still with the dead ends.

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