Jennie’s story seems to be the story of biggest conspiracy and murder of faith! Part-48

Trending and viral News Story in  New York so far: Jennie was in big trouble but was she aware of it? Do her friends’ dishonesty killed her? Part-47

Now, the murder mystery was revealing and it seems now New York will know what happened to Jennie! Why and how she died and how mysterious her past was. Jennie’s story is a story of betrayal, murder of love, feelings and may be that is the reason why it is among the most viral stories so far. Here everyone was cheating the other, and now everyone is facing the consequences. Kevin started, when Alice was drugging Martin, I was engaging Jennie in dance. Once Alice gave me a green signal, I asked Jennie that something strange is happening. I asked her to see, both Alice and Martin holding hands and looking strange. Initially, she ignored but then she turned and saw. She almost stared them for a minute and was going to see what is happening there. My plan was working, I asked her not to go and see the whole drama. But she said how? How should I know what they are talking about? Then I told her a plan that let’s get disappear from here and see everything. So we just got away from the scene and started keeping a watch on the two.

Jennie's story is the story of biggest conspiracy- Netmarkers


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