Amazing Fountains in the World which are really Eye-Catching !!

The technology has advanced so much that it stun people with its daily new inventions. Modern Architecture has been so much in picture now days as it always stun people with amazing bridges, spectacular fountains and the sculptures. Fountain Art is something which has always stands out for its captivating beauty. Scroll below to see the most fascinating fountains all over the world.

Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain
Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain in Charlotte USA is designed by the Czech sculpture David Cerny at the Whitehall Technology Park. This 14-ton sculpture is made from massive stainless steel layers and can rotate 360 degree.

Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain, USA

Julie Penrose Fountain
The Julie Penrose fountain created by the Bill Burgess is an extra addition to the Colorado fine arts center. This fountain is an open loop of silvery steel panels. The panels have 366 water jets that line the interior contours of the form.

Julie Penrose Fountain, USA

Water Boat Fountain
The water boat fountain in Spain is located at Playa de la Malvarrosa in Valencia. It is a sculptural fountain that gives the illusion of a sailboat with jets of water.

Water Boat Fountain, Spain



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