Women in 30’s should know before they turned to 40’s


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It is a story of all the women on the edge of turning to forties. It is the time to look back and ponder upon the results so far of the expectations which were put when you were young. By this time every women reach the stage of being successful wife, business woman or mother etc.  Though they are perfect but still they feel down when they compare themselves to other women. We are sharing 16 honest points which every woman in 30’s should know.

1. Love And Accept Yourself – Fully

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Know yourself completely from inside then only you will be able to love and accept yourself fully. Once you started loving yourself and taking pride of what you are, you will be able to accept others and start loving them which is very necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

2. Feed Your Soul

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Do what your soul permits. Follow your passion so that you will be fill with the acceptance, warmth, and freedom.


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3. Find a Strong Support Network

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Being connected with the good friends that filled you with positive energy and the safe people with whom you can share your life is very much rewarding.


4. Be Authentic

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It is not necessary to carry smiling mask everywhere even if you are going through very difficult stage in your life. Start Sharing your ups and down, and struggle to your near and dear ones so that you become sincere and trustworthy to them.


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5. Live For You

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I know you are very busy women, to take care of your family is your foremost duty but don’t forgot to find time for yourself. Live for you. You can’t keep everyone happy in your life. So better make decision which is best for you and the life will get easier.


6. Don’t Compromise Too Much

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It is tendency of women to compromise for the sake of their loved ones. But compromising too much is good only when the compromising is equal on both the sides.


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7. Travel More


Invest money on travelling rather than on the material things. Travelling broads the sense  of freedom in you and help you to see the world in different perspective.


8. Worry Less

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Remember, worrying about something too much will not change the thing, Start accepting the things as they are happening and everything will be okay one day.


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9. Stop Comparing

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Comparing yourself with others who you hardly know is underestimating your own life. Once you realize that comparing your life to others does nothing but bring your own self worth down, you will eventually stop.


10. Forget Expectations

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Hell ya !! Expectations kill you. Don’t keep any expectation from others as you will going to hurt yourself.


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 11. Live To Work, Not Work To Live

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Go for a career path which really satisfies you or else you may end with changing career your whole life. When you decide a career you start living for the work.


12.  Save For The Unexpected

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It is not at all necessary to spend what you earn. Save money for your older days because you never know what is waiting for you ahead.


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13. Give Back More

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Charity may not give you anything in return in physical form but keeps you grounded and thankful to what you have and you start feeling better about life.



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14. Forgive Yourself And Others

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Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve happiness.


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15. Don’t Waste Too Much Time On Negative People

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You will always find negative people everywhere but you have to make sure that you have to set boundaries and keep negative people at bay.



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16. No Is A Complete Sentence

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No in itself a complete sentence and you really don’t have to justify the reason every time you are not able to do something for others.




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