Women in 30’s should know before they turned to 40’s


It is a story of all the women on the edge of turning to forties. It is the time to look back and ponder upon the results so far of the expectations which were put when you were young. By this time every women reach the stage of being successful wife, business woman or mother etc.  Though they are perfect but still they feel down when they compare themselves to other women. We are sharing 16 honest points which every woman in 30’s should know.

1. Love And Accept Yourself – Fully

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Know yourself completely from inside then only you will be able to love and accept yourself fully. Once you started loving yourself and taking pride of what you are, you will be able to accept others and start loving them which is very necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

2. Feed Your Soul

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Do what your soul permits. Follow your passion so that you will be fill with the acceptance, warmth, and freedom.




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