Is your partner cheating on you? Find out with these simple sign of true love

If you are in relationship with your partner then it doesn’t mean a true relation in all of the case. It might be a physical attraction or simply infatuation.  Here we are giving 10 signs of true love that any relationship must have and if these signs are missing in yours then also no need to fret as in some cases relationship has not reached the stage of emotional maturity surpassing physical attraction and the infatuation.

Most of the time love at first sight is not successful as you get trapped into the infatuation kind of love. So it is better to take your own time to understand each other and if still you can’t find any reason to love each other, then it is better to date some other people

Here are the 10 signs of true love.

1) It’s about both of you, it’s not about the others.

True relations are never characterized by “I”, It is always “We”. If you both act as a unit then it is a sign of true love.

It's about both of you, it's not about the others. netmarkers


2) You are honest to each other.

If you can keep the secrets of yourself within you and don tell your partner about this then it is not at all a sign of true love. If it was true love, then you would have open up your inside out to your partner.

You are honest to each other. netmarkers

3) Your relationship helps you to be self confident.

True love is all about finding your own identity and not to someone’s other half. It should not be reading their favorite’s book just because they like them. You should be comfortable with own self even when you are having the bad day.

Your relationship helps you to be self confident. netmarkers



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