The New York Hours!

I think it would be a great pleasure to find yourself in New York, especially in the month of June or August when it extremely hot. I am pretty sure you won’t be able to return your place without tears in your eyes. You might have dream in your childhood showing your friends and relatives who were lucky enough to visit the beautiful city New York and also seeing them travelling the places where your favorite People and Sex and the City Sitcoms were shot.

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As you grow up and the years pass by, you realize that New York is just not the world of fantasy revolving around movies settings, fancy clubs, boundless cultural lives, expensive stores, huge corporations, lights, money and some more money. A time pass by and once you grow older and get mature enough, and gain some experience in your daily life, read too many superficial books based on this city, and several dozens of mediocre movies about New York makes it the most magical place on this Earth. And when you grow little older and gain some experience after reading some more worthy literature and analyzing how such a historical young city has now become a sanctum for millions of people, who, because of being different from the masses, are forced to live as hermit elsewhere but in New York feel comfortable and respect for being different.

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At last, you find yourself having a new vista on why New York is such a big deal, and a fair shot at actually avaricious that the real message of the city. Mostly what happens is that when you share New York experience with couple of your friends and when they visit there all prepared to dive into the many ridiculously entertainment  options that is offered by New York City. The complete visit turns into a generate precious and sweet memories and also turns into crazy adventures

If you are a solo traveler and can show the dare to visit New York alone, then you must try one. You will acknowledge a life changing experience. In short and simple explanation, loneliness naturally forces you to involve in serious internal discussions with yourself and finally teaches you lesson about your character that you could hardly learn in any circumstances.

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Sure visiting the Empire State Building and taking a dozen pictures, where I pretend that I’m holding the Statue of Liberty between my thumb and my index finger, was simply a must. After all I didn’t want to risk being labeled “uncool” according to the latest Facebook trend of uploading at least two albums with pictures with the same name as the corny “I (heart) NY” T-shirts, followed by the respective year of one’s NY adventure. But when it comes to visiting New York and trying to absorb as much of it as possible, 50 hours are the equivalent of the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, my optimism was boundless. And, as it turned out, my luck also.

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As I was relaxing after what turned out to be the longest day of my life (simply because it had started at 6 am that morning and finished about 8 am the following one), I saw this African-American guy approach me with a friendly face and body language (his hands weren’t crossed in front of his body like mine were, which was because I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at all). All these signals made me think he was really planning on talking to me. I had my feet buried in the moist grass of some Central Park meadow that I had managed to reach, recovering from the 15-hour walk I had already had that day.






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