Enjoy Easy To Make Chicken Recipes- Fried Chicken By Air Fryer

Want to enjoy chicken at its best? Fried chicken is probably one of the most favorite dish of all chicken lovers who like to enjoy its delicious taste. So here we are sharing the delicious and easy to make chicken recipe in which you are going to enjoy fried chicken.

Yield: 3 Servings Prep: 0:10 Total time: 2:10



• Black pepper, freshly ground-m1/2 tsp.
• Onion powder- 1 tsp.
• Oregano-1/2 tsp.
• Hot sauce-1/2 c.
• Garlic powder-1 tsp.
• Buttermilk-2c.
• Cayenne pepper-1/4 tsp.
• All-purpose flour-2c.
• Chicken pieces- (skin-on, bone-in)- 2lb.
• Kosher salt-3tsp.


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