Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters

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There are many people who love travelling. They are always ready to travel and keep making plans. They find it exciting and thrilling to visit new places, learning about various countries and their cultures.

We have listed top tourist destination that you must visit –


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Japan - NetMarkers

Japan is a great tourist destination as considered by most people around the world. If you are looking to explore a quiet place, you must visit castle of Matsumoto and get an insight on Samurai culture. You can enjoy the local culture by staying in a home stay. Home stays are the best way to learn and explore the local culture. City of Hagi is also a must visit.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Uzbekistan - NetMarkers

Uzbekistan has become a favorite tourist destination of many in the past few years. You can enjoy the significance of history, outstanding architecture and friendly residents. This attracts people from around the world.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Jordan - NetMarkers

Jordan is a beautiful destination to visit. You can spend a night in the desert and get to learn about Bedouin culture. Attractive tombs and monasteries of Petra are also great tourist attraction in Jordan.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Senegal - NetMarkers

It is a place situated in Africa. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes that is rich with historical bonds. It has amazing and serene sea beaches where you can relax and enjoy some peaceful time. You can visit local Wolof village to learn the local culture. It is a tourist destination worth exploring.

Galapagos Islands:

Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Galapagos Islands - NetMarkers

By visiting Galapagos north and central islands, you can enjoy the natural and scenic beauty. While underwater, red-footed boobies could be spotted at El Barranco and at the Charles Drawing research Station you can spot a giant tortoise. At eco-archipelago, plastics are completely banned.

Sri Lanka:

Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Sri Lanka - NetMarkers

Sri Lanka follows Tamil traditions. Explore their tradition, stay at local home’s and enjoy their lunch, visit their beautiful Deft Island. You can also go for fishing to their villages, visit deserted beaches. You can enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and much more in Sri Lanka.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Iceland - NetMarkers

The popular fantasy-fiction Game of Thrones was filmed here. It has one of world’s best landscapes you can’t miss visiting. It has got beautiful beaches of Reynisfjara. The mosaic like architecture of Reykjavik’s is also very popular and will take away all your stress.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Bolivia - NetMarkers

It has become very popular recently. You can enjoy landscapes and their cultural heritage. Enjoy the view of sunset in Uyuni Salt Flats. You can enjoy the feel of local life at hacienda’s. Sucre and sky-high La Paz are also must-visit places in Bolivia.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Taiwan - NetMarkers

Taiwan has been claimed as most food obsessed country by The New York Times. Foodies would love visiting this tourist destination. You can explore and relish mouthwatering food. Other than this you can explore magnificent landscapes, night markets and their vibrant culture.


Top Tourist Destinations For Globetrotters - Ethiopia - NetMarkers

The possibility of tourism has greatly increased in Ethiopia. It lies in between Africa and Middle East and displays splendid cultural mosaic. You can explore green peaks and stunning Churches made up of stone rock.


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