Shannen Doherty shares the images of her fight with cancer on Instagram!!!

Shannen Doherty, the former 90210 actress announced last year in August that she had been diagnosed with cancer and on Wednesday, she has shared some of her harshly sincere images on Instagram account showing her fight with cancer while she was undergoing cancer treatment. The six images uploaded by the former actress depicts herself shaving…

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Amazing… these leaves are 1000 times stronger than Chemotherapy in killing cancer cells!!!

The most dangerous disease claiming the life of number of people is cancer. To treat this disease there are several treatments available that are highly expensive and have number of side effects as well. But nature plays an important role here by providing the ingredients that are effective to treat this deadly disease along with…

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Amazing! Cancer could be treated by the body itself!!!

Cancer is getting viral nowadays throughout the world as one of the major health concerns. The cancer incidence is increasing continuously and in coming years the situation could get even worse as per the studies. bggb one of the major reason for the increase in rates of this hazardous disease is the changes in our…

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These super foods can kill cancer! Make them a part of your diet!

In a study, it has been discovered that the cancer cells in the body could actually be destroyed by the six super foods. Since there are number of drawbacks of the conventional methods for the treatment of cancer therefore it is on the whole good news. The cancer cells starve of the nutrients that are…

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