Amazing! Cancer could be treated by the body itself!!!

Cancer is getting viral nowadays throughout the world as one of the major health concerns. The cancer incidence is increasing continuously and in coming years the situation could get even worse as per the studies. bggb one of the major reason for the increase in rates of this hazardous disease is the changes in our lifestyle. More than 100 different kinds of cancer are there from which people are suffering and the symptoms and treatment depends on the type of cancer and its complications. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are included in most of the treatment plans but they also have some side effects. Investigations are going on for decades by the scientists in order to find a natural and permanent way to heal cancer. A molecule has been found recently by a team of researchers from the Pennsylvania State University in the body that has the capability heal cancer by itself. This trending post has the details of how this molecule in the body can itself treat cancer.

cancer cells-Netmarkers


The anaerobic condition in the body in which the acid level is very high and oxygen level is very low is the one in which cancer thrives. The cells in the body start working abnormally in the condition when oxygen level becomes low and a mass called tumor is formed by them. Sometimes the nearby tissues are invaded by the cancer cells and they may also spread after breakout in different parts of the body.


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