Martin is missing from the spot.. Is this related to the death of Jennie?Part 23

Trending and viral story in New York: Jennie's suicide-the murder of life so far: Jennie’s death is still a puzzle and only she had the missing piece of Puzzle. But where is Martin?Part-22 Alice is now getting normal but Jennie's mother was still in shock and same is the case with most of the people in…

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Suspense of that night is now revealing.. Now Alice can have her answers from Jennie. Part-18

New York: The trending and viral news story of Jennie's suicide- the murder of life  so far: Jennie revealed her past and it was really hard to believe for Alice! Jennie suffered a lot! Part-17 Alice had a number of questions and Jennie answered them one by one. Kevin came back almost 5 months before. Although,…

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Life is unpredictable! Just one night made Jennie a stranger for Martin and Alice- Part-8

Viral and trending story of New York: Jennie's suicide or murder, story so far: Misunderstandings destroy everything! Jennie and Martin were not together anymore- Part-7 We, reached Jennie's house and her mom opened the door. We both asked almost at the same moment- Is Jennie there? And she said yes, she is getting ready for going…

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