Suspense of that night is now revealing.. Now Alice can have her answers from Jennie. Part-18

New York: The trending and viral news story of Jennie’s suicide- the murder of life  so far: Jennie revealed her past and it was really hard to believe for Alice! Jennie suffered a lot! Part-17

Alice had a number of questions and Jennie answered them one by one. Kevin came back almost 5 months before. Although, we were in touch via mails since a long time. I didn’t tell you or Martin just because even I was not sure if I still had a feeling of love for kevin. I loved him a lot and was angry because he went without telling me anything. Even if he was suffering from cancer, then too he must have at least told me about this. We both must have worked together and defeated that disease. But he simply vanished. He kept me waiting for years, with every minute, every second killing me slowly and painfully. So, when he wrote me and even when we had a talk over phone, I concealed this fact from you and Martin. I love Martin and felt he is my present and Kevin was my past.

Jennie was confused about her relationship- Jennie's viral story- Netmarkers


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