10 Unbelievable landscapes that exist on Earth

2 Sahara Desert of Mauritania

Sahara Desert is located nearby west-central of Mauritania. Other name of Sahara Desert is Richet Structure. Structure of Sahara Desert consist number of rings in the water. Diameter of this desert is about more than 40 kilometers. Land of Sahara desert provides it an amazing appearance that can be seen only from the sky. Structure of this is made up of carbonates and it is said that these structures are about 94- 104 million years old.

Sahara Desert of Mauritania

3 Coyote Buttes Paria Canyon

Coyote Buttes Paria Canyon is situated at Vermillion, at Rocky-Desert, Arizona, USA. It is the place in USA that is famous for orange curves on its high hills. This natural beauty of this landscape makes it a beauty out of the world. Flowing of Water from these curves since more than thousands of years is the result of the beauty of this place. Sandstones cut down in a particular pattern which actually looks like an amazingly decorated capes of festival.

Coyote Buttes Paria Canyon


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