What.?Ancient civilization vanished centuries ago, reveled under the secret tunnel!

Something amazing has always been discovered under the secrets tunnels that have for the extensive and fascinated civilizations. The historians and archaeologists have always been puzzled by the Aztec and the Mayan civilizations of Mexico. In the same way, a secret tunnel that is discovered beneath the Aztec Pyramids has thrilled the society of archaeologists worldwide as a way to this amazing civilization and the remains of Teotihuacan has been revealed by this tunnel.

Mystery of Teotihuacan civilization

In the 400 A.D. one of the happening and most influential places of the Mesoamerican culture was the Teotihuacan civilization having the population of about 200,000 people. But a disaster whose reason is still unknown struck the city and left just a bunch of ruins behind it. Now the pieces of puzzle of Teotihuacan civilization will be put together by the archaeologists from the ruins of this civilization towards which this tunnel is leading.

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