Recent study revealed that patients suffering from depression could be treated by means of virtual reality

Conclusion-Positive effects

Those who are suffering from the problem of depression tend to get excessively critical in the situation where something goes wrong or is not suitable for them. At that time, it becomes almost impossible to control and handle them. To avoid such a situation, proper treatment must be provided to them on time so that they could overcome from the situation. The patients are taught to be more and more compassionate towards them during this study and it has provided positive results as well in the treatment of depression. The response of the patients towards real –life situations where things go negative or wrong has significantly improved. The patients were able to behave like a mature person having the capability to handle such sudden out of control situations. The patients are also treated to be less self –critical in the course of training. This had changed their reactions to the situation where they previously used to get self –critical.



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