You can’t miss these activities while visiting Costa Rica


If Costa Rica is not famous for any special dish, that doesn’t mean there is no such dish of Costa Rica that is worth trying. There are many local restaurants on every corner of Costa Rica that are known with the name Sodas. One of the unique dishes of Costa Rica is Gallo Pinto. It is the Costa Rican dish of rice and beans which is served with plantains and salsa. Ceviche of Costa Rica is the best option as the refreshment after the long day spent on beaches. It is a dish which is prepared with raw fish which is soaked in lemon or lime water.
Fruit juices, fresh smoothies and coffee of Costa Rica are highly famous and these three items are served almost by all the restaurants. These three are the special cuisines of Costa Rica and after enjoying them, visit to restaurants which offer vegan dishes like sushi, pizza and many more.



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