OMG!!! Tear-jerking story of a Nigerian boy whose family left him to die…

This is the heartbreaking story of a Nigerian boy whose images were there on the internet in which he was looking severely malnourished and women had given him water to drink. People from all round the world had given their response to this picture as it was so very depressing. Everyone was desperate to know that what had happened to the boy, what is his present condition and whether something was done for him or not.

Boy found malnourished_Netmarkers

The family of this boy has neglected him and left him alone in the streets of Nigeria to die. He was roaming on the streets in naked condition and it was clear from his condition that he was looking for food after his family has abandoned him. A Woman found this boy and gave him water to drink. She is the same who had rescued this boy from the streets. This provides the complete information regarding the rescue of this boy and his heartwarming story.



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