Traces of blood found in the Martin’s car were not of Martin! Then who’s the culprit? Who killed Jennie and whose blood was that? Part- 30

Next part of trending and viral news story of Jennie, New York so far: What.. there was an absurd pic of Martin and Alice in the phone? How’s that possible? Is this caused the death of Jennie?Part 29

Alice was sweating like anything and everyone was looking at her. She wanted to speak but it seems she was finding it hard to utter a single word. But then she started, yes these are my pics with Martin of that night. I told you all about it earlier too and even Jennie was knowing about it. We, even had a problem between us because of this but as I told it was all sorted between me and Jennie. But.. officer interrupted in between. I know and rather we all know what you said but we all are keen to know why these pics are in phone? Who took the pics and why? Who is going to benefit with these pics? And if you were knowing about them why didn’t you tell us?Alice was all alone now- viral story in New York-Netmarkers


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