Five injured in the crane collapse accident on Tappan Zee Bridge outside the city of New York!!!

On Tuesday, a construction crane collapsed on the Tappan Zee Bridge that injured four people, trapped motorist for hours and shut down traffic. Shortly after noon, the mid-Hudson mess began when the crane that was there to help build a replacement bridge that was long awaited slammed cater-cornered the seven lanes of crossing and shut…

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Alice’s disclosure of being pregnant in college by Martin is a twist in the New York murder mystery of Jennie! Part-54

Trending and viral News story in New York so far: Blind faith might be the reason behind Jennie’s death! Viral Murder mystery! As Alice was revealing the truth, it was looking like now the case could be solved, but is it true? Alice, if right, points out against Martin as he has got a motive to…

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Traces of blood found in the Martin’s car were not of Martin! Then who’s the culprit? Who killed Jennie and whose blood was that? Part- 30

Next part of trending and viral news story of Jennie, New York so far: What.. there was an absurd pic of Martin and Alice in the phone? How’s that possible? Is this caused the death of Jennie?Part 29 Alice was sweating like anything and everyone was looking at her. She wanted to speak but it seems…

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