Do you know these daily use items cause cancer? Get rid of them today!!!

The place where a person feels safe is home. But what if you are living with some of the dangerous items in your home that may cause you to develop cancer? There are some materials that are responsible for causing cancer and these are invading in our homes without us even knowing about it. Here are the few items that might look to be harmless to you but may prove to be cancer causers. Read the post and get rid of them as soon as possible for a safe and healthy environment for you and your family at home.

Air fresheners

The formulas of number of air fresheners have volatile organic compounds, carcinogens and toxins like phthalate esters that are dangerous for health. It was found in the study conducted over 13 air fresheners by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that most of them contain the chemicals that can influence the reproductive system and can intensify asthma. You must get rid of these to ensure healthy environment at home and can make use of the natural fragrances from the essential oils.

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