OMG! Rice cereals are so dangerous for a baby’s health? Read this before feeding your baby next time.

If you are feeding your babies with grains or rice cereals on the advice of pediatricians than it is the most frightening crime that has been committed them and the food marketers and even by the parents who are following their advice. When the effect of these cereals on the sleep of the infants were studied by the Scientists, they found that nothing at all is done to speed up the age of sleep of a child during the nights by adding more cereal to their diet. Rather than having some good impact, these are resulting in a number of developmental issues in the children and therefore feeding them to the infants must be bunged immediately. The cereals are dangerous for the infants and therefore must not be feed to them. Read the post and spread awareness so that are infants are protected from the crime that is committed against them.

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