Here are the fastest BMW’s in trending for all the luxury car lovers!!!

BMW has always been appreciated by the luxury car lovers as one of the foremost automakers in the world. From boxy sedans to modern and sleek speed machines, transformation shave been there in the designs of BMW. Numbers of vehicles launched by the company are there for the lovers of speed and this is the reason that in the hugely competitive and evolving market of automobile, the company has solidified its reputation. Here are the top fastest models of BMW for all those who are seeking thrill!!!

M6 Coupe 

The M6 Coupe has pretty much if it comes to high performance to be one of the premier symbols of the car world. M6 is able of a top limited speed of 155 miles per hour powered with 4.4 liter and 8 cylinder V8 engine. It can hit the speed from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds. For all the lovers of speed and luxury this model of BMW is in trending.

M6 coupe-Netmarkers


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