Celine Dion speaks about her husband’s death and consoles her kids in a very special way proving herself to be the perfect mom!



The interview, which was aired on “Good Morning America”, she shared sad moments and the hard time she had when Angelil died on January 14. She recalled the last conversation she had like this, “I started to talk to him, and I said, ‘You know what? I want you to just go in peace,’’. Further she said,“I want you to not worry. You were worrying for my career, you were worrying for the children, you were worrying for everything. It’s enough. I promise you, we’re going to be OK.’”

Also she shared that just after the 2 days after her husband’s death, her brother Daniel too died. She said, “My brother, who passed away of pretty much the same cancer as (Angelil), died on Rene’s birthday,”.“And I said to myself, ‘For his birthday, my husband came and got my brother, because my brother was too weak to fly on his own.”

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