Everyone was taking Alice as the culprit but where’s kevin who started all the confusion? Now, he’s also a suspect! Part-31

Trending and viral story of Jennie’s suicide- the murder of life in New York so far: Traces of blood found in the Martin’s car were not of Martin! Then who’s the culprit? Who killed Jennie and whose blood was that? Part- 30

The murder mystery of Jennie is taking so many twists and turns that it is now believed to be among the most viral murder mysteries so far. Police is searching for Martin everywhere in the New York and Alice is now in custody. So, far, all the doubt is on Alice but the question remains the same who took the pics that night and what was the motive? Moreover, where is Martin and the mystery behind the blood in the car. As if now everything is complicated and Alice is in trouble, serious trouble! Officer Stephen started cross questioning and the first question was why you said Jennie’s suicide is a murder? Moreover, Martin who was in deep love with Jennie is why accused of killing Jennie in front of you? Alice was now upset and bit afraid too. She was in a stage as if she has no place to escape and finally she started.

Alice is now in trouble- viral murder mystery- Netmarkers



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