Jennie was angry and shattered and this was disturbing both Martin and Alice.. Finally the secret revealed- Part-9

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Life is unpredictable! Just one night made Jennie a stranger for Martin and Alice- Part-8

Martin followed Jennie and I thought it’s better to let them speak alone to sort the issue. I was standing nearby and tried to figure out the problem, but it was getting difficult! I saw both of them talking and I could see Jennie getting angry. She was almost shouting and I wanted to hear but couldn’t look at her and the reason was not at all known to me. Discussion was getting louder and now even Martin was bit loud. I thought its better to get into the discussion and so I started walking to join them but then something unexpected happened! Jennie slapped Martin! What?? Shit.. this was the word and I ran to get there, meanwhile Jennie walked away.

Jennie was shattered- Netmarkers



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