Want to get rid of the unwanted scratches from your phone. Try these amazing tricks in trending for the same!!!

Mobile phone has become a part of the lives of people and they get crazy if it goes away from them for any reason. Repairing of phone is something that makes it go away from the owner for some time and this is not expectable to them. Getting scratch on the screen of mobile phone has become common on account of many reasons like drooping it or keeping it in pocket with other stuff etc. These scratches are irritating as they smooth work of the screen is lost because of them but still the owners mostly avoid getting it repaired as they have to remain away from the phone for some time for this. Here are some of the amazing tricks that you can perform at your home yourself in order to get rid of the scratches from the phone screen. These are very easy and just require some household items such a toothpaste, oil, baking soda etc.

The scratches could be easily removed with the use of toothpaste

The daily use toothpaste can help a lot to get rid of the scratches from the phone screen and that too very easily. To do so, you need a cotton and toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste on the cotton and then spread it all over the screen of phone with its help. Take a soft cloth and wipe the phone screen gently with it and you are done. Yes, this easy trick can help a lot to get rid of the scratches.



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