Here are the amazing yoga poses for back pain!

Back pain has become a common problem and there list of its victims. As per the American Chiropractic Association, back pain symptoms are reported every year by nearly half of the Americans. There are number of ways that you can adopt in your daily routine to get rid of back pain such as avoid sitting for too long, working in order to strengthen your core etc. Along with it, there are some yoga poses that can provide amazing results and are easy to perform. This trending and viral post has the details of the Yoga poses that provide relief from back pain.

Downward facing dog

This pose is not called as the best yoga pose with any base. There is a strong reason behind this. The core, lower back and hamstrings are strengthened by this pose and it also elongates the cervical spine. Starting with the knees and hands, tuck the toes and bring the heels towards the ground while lifting the back. Hold the position for about 5 breaths.



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