It seems the clue of Jennie’s death and Martin’s disappearance is closer! So who killed Jennie? Part- 36

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Detective asked twice and thrice about the accident but Kevin denied it completely. As per Alice, the love between Kevin and Jennie started just because of accident and so, it’s hard to believe that Kevin forgot this incidence. Now, the detective has one point to direct his investigation. However, he asked Kevin to continue the story.

Kevin started, we both were in love and it was special in the sense we made a very good paid. In the school, our pair was considered to be the best pair and we were serious to give name to our relationship. In between, the detective interrupted, whatever you said so far shows you both had a very good relationship and it was to some extent smooth. I mean, there were no obstacles in your love story? Moreover, if your relationship was so good, then how come Martin came in between the scene? Why their love story is considered to be the most popular love story of New York?Kevin's story seems to be mysterious- Viral story-Netmarkers


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