This Iron man from Indonesia made arm out of scrap to get rid of his paralysis problem!

There are very few people in the world who are strong enough to deal with the difficult phases of life and have the courage and power to fight against disability. Very few people put in their efforts in order to overcome from it. This story of Iron man from Indonesian is a real inspiration for those who have given up the hope of life because of disability. A video has been shot by Kompas TV of a man in Bali and it has been reported that this man make use of his brain to control his robotic arm. Before the unfortunate accident that took place with Wayan Sumardana, he uses to work as a welder. Six months ago, his left arm got paralyzed after a stroke.


Things went out of control but instead of losing hope, this Iron man of Karangasem decided to bring everything back on track with his will. He makes use of the metal scraps and created a robotic arm and that too in just a short period of 6 months. After making it, he hooked this arm with his brain and restored the illness. Now he is able to work again as the welder that allows him to earn the bread for his family


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