Terrible psychic predictions that came exact! Shocking but true!

Everyone does not take a prophecy seriously, many people indulge in palm reading and astrology, but one will be surprised how certain prophecies have actually come true. Here are 10 psychic predictions that came true.

John F Kennedy Assassination



Michel Nostradamus made prediction for Kennedy assassination “The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt, an evil deed foretold by the bearer of a petition. Another falls at night time”. This prophecy was in reference to Kennedy’s killing and the assassination of his brother during conflict in London.

The Great London Fire



Nostradamus predicted for great fire of London when he said “The blood of the just will be demanded of London, burnt by the fire in the year 66.” The fire of London on Sept 2nd 1666 burnt for three days and destroyed almost 70,000 homes.


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