Mohammad Moghaddam, the shooter at Walmart shot dead to end Walmart shooting and hostage drama at Texas! All safe!

Hostages are now safe and Walmart in Amarillo, Texas is back to normal. The shooter, identified as Mohammad Moghaddam is shot dead by the SWAT team and so the active shooter situation is no more. Here are few amazing, facts about the situation and the shooter Mohammad Moghaddam trending.

Mohammad Moghaddam, 54 years of age was also an employee working over there and it was a work related dispute that forced him to commit this crime. One of the hostages was the Walmart manager with whom Mohammad had a work related dispute. He had two people as hostage including the manager. It is confirmed by the Randall County Sheriff’s office that, “The hostages were freed within the past half hour after the suspect was shot and killed by Amarillo Police Department SWAT team members,”.

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