If your kid is wearing these types of sandals, then he is in great danger! Avoid them before its too late!

How these sandals are harmful?

In the research conducted in Germany, it is found that highly carcinogenic substance compounds are present in the plastic that is used to make these sandals and many types of cancer could be caused by this. From the top most brands of clogs that are there in the market, 10 pairs have been selected by the scientists that were made up of plastic. 60% of PAHs were found in these clogs by the scientists. The highly carcinogenic substance that when absorbed by the body, mutate the body cells are PAHs. The concentration of these PAHs was found to be highest in the black colored clogs.


To prevent the body from absorbing these harmful compounds via skin, one must wear socks before wearing them. However, any of the PAHs are not here in the original Crocs but some people might suffer from allergies after wearing them as they are having 4 allergy causing solvents.


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