OMG! This natural oil cured severe knee pain, which doctors failed to cure!

Procedure to be followed:

  • Take coconut oil and mix about 2-3 drops of Blue essential oil with it. With this mixture massage your knee.
  • Doing this before bedtime is preferable.
  • You will feel really healthy and fine by the morning. Even while sleeping at night, you will not feel any pain.

essential oil-Netmarkers


  • The knee pain would be decreased by as much as 97% with just 5 massage trials.
  • The pain will vanish completely by the time the massage with this oil blend is carried out for a couple of weeks by you.
  • Similar outcome will be there if you use this remedy for back, neck and sciatica pain.

oil blend-Netmarkers

Avoid using this oil blend on kids and dilute it well before using if you have sensitive skin.


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