Completely avoid dryer sheets as cancer causing toxins are present in them!!!

Nowadays, with the drying process of the machines, it is too rare to find the view of clothes lynching out on the clotheslines. The automated clothes dryers are viral as they play the drying process of the wash and could be found in the market easily. On account of this, the laundry activity has become much more convenient and could be done indoor as well. But have you ever thought of the effect that the chemicals used in this process have on the clothes and in turn on your body when you wear these clothes. While making laundry process more convenient, this process also involves number of chemicals. One of the products that are used in drying wash process that makes use of chemicals all the time is anti-static drying sheet. This trending and viral post has some of the facts that are important to be considered next time before you make use of the automated drying wash process.



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