Here are the 8 reasons why Crying Is Good For You!

We all cry whether it is after watching an emotional movie, after a break up or after meeting a friend after a long time. When you see your baby for the first time you tear up or maybe because of frustration at work, and sometimes simply because you feel like it. Anything can start the water works.

It’s a fact that women cry more than men do. Women cry at least 5.3 times a month while men cry 1.3 times a month.  Our lacrimal gland produces 10 ounces of tears everyday and almost 30 gallons per year.  Crying releases tears which can be either reflex tears or psychic tears (tears produced by emotions). Emotional tears contain higher level of stress hormones than reflex tears, they are 98% water. Tears purge your body of negative energy. So cry your heart out but don’t forget to wash your face afterwards if you don’t want to wake up with puffy swollen eyes. Here are some reasons why it is good for you.



Improves vision:  


Crying cleans your eyes and removes impurities and improves vision as well.  When some foreign substance enters the eye our eyes automatically tear up these tears are called reflex tears. These tears protect the eye from any harmful bacteria that may affect it. Crying also clears our vision and we see better after crying.


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